We give you an affiliate system because:

Affiliation from our point of view is letting you bring the traffic from the web and give you the option to work under all the affiliate scheme : CPC CPL CPA CPM etc…


Affiliation is an online client acquisition process that consists of using a network of partners (affiliates) relaying your advertising offers against payment.

Affiliation will typically publish your financial products, banners and other promotional campaigns via the affiliate network to the advertiser.

This is why you need nowadays in that competitive environment an online application to manage affiliate subcontractors and to give them necessary working tools to connect to their network.

Affiliate system

The affiliate campaigns are coupled to a pay for performance.

As part of the effort with the aim of selling, Solution Markets offer you to integrate the most suitable application to offer  (% of sales).

Similarly, an affiliate campaign can propose compensation; per lead (called contact), per click, or even per display.

The main objective of the affiliation is to improve sales and qualified contacts as well as your web notoriety with a measurable

Return on investment.