A proper call center is the backbone of your sales.

We will install you a full PBX, primarily to connect your telephone sets (internal lines) with the public telephone network (external lines). It additionally allows the implementation of a number of functions, including:

  1. Propose a set of telephone services (conferences, call transfer, forwarding, mail, call by name…)
  2. Connect more internal lines than there are external lines;
  3. Allow calls between internal extensions without going through the public network;
  4. Set access rights to the public network for each internal mail;
  5. Manage DID (direct inward dialing)
  6. Manage and optimize cost service overall phone bill: telecom management costs;
  7. Provide computer telephony integration services (SIC) as CRM Record upload mainly through CSTA protocol;
  8. Handle emergency calls in hospital care facilities, retirement homes, etc.;
  9. Manage a doorman-building intercom.

Contact us for free advice on your call center as it requires proper planning !