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webtrader SolutionMArkets

webtrader SolutionMArkets

 Solution Markets Web Trader

Solution Markets Web Trader is designed for financial institutions looking to integrate a powerful and scalable web-based solution to their existing trading infrastructure.

Solutionmarkets Web Trader includes the usual set of features such as charting, technical Indicators, trading cubes, and one-click trading orders.

It allows brokers to markets towards Mac users and meet client’s demands requesting a browser based option for trading.

Gloabal Market view

market view

Quote List

View multiple quote lists that display dozens of symbols, updating real time during the trading day. The Application allows you to sort and rank symbols and create a list of favorites.

Advanced Charts graphics

Graphics enabledAdvanced Charts graphics for Analysis

Our Web Trader is not just trading. We give you , state of the art charting capabilities, including a list of the features used by active traders, such as :

  • Interval
  • Chart type
  • Increase /decrease bar chart
  • Show real time value
  • Candle stick data tool tips
  • More than 40 custom indicators
  • Fully custom graph properties

Professional Indicators

Professional Indicators enabled

Professional Indicators

state of the art charting capabilities, including a list of indicators  used by active expert trader, such as:

  • MACD
  • Middle Price
  • Momentum
  • Ichimoku
  • Parabolic SAR
  • Pivot Indicator
  • RSI
  • RVI
  • Slow Stochastic
  • Smooth MA
  • UOS
  • WMA
  • etc, etc …